Entrance to Exit is a 6 minute film from 1965 by George Brecht.  I didn’t like this film because of the nature of this type of art.  I never understood pieces of art with blank screens or just one color.  I guess its a form of minimalist art?  But if anyone has a meaning for this please shed some light on it for me. 

Artype is a 3 minute film from 1966 by George Maciunas.  This film was dope to see because of the various patterns throughout the film.  for some i can understand how the flashing lights could be annoying or hard to watch, but this film would be a perfect background for a projection at a concert. 

Snowblind is a 5 minute film from 1968 by Hollis Frampton.  This was a film of a sculpture that Frampton made.  The sculpture resembles a cage of some sort.  Throughout the film frampton and other characters make appearances inside of the cage.  maybe this piece could be about caged thinking and how people only see small opportunities for themselves. 

Maxwell’s Demon is a 3 minute film also by Frampton.  This film seemed more like and instructional exercise video than an art piece.  I didn’t understand the over all meaning of the film although it was a nice break from other very intense films we often watch.  The best part of this film to me was the colors in between exercises, it reminded me of wrapping paper.

Remedial Reading comprehension is a 4 minute film from 1970 by George Landow.  The major theme of this film is that it is about us as a viewer.  This is shown because the words “This film is about you” are shown in bold text.  Then a man who resembles jesus is shown running.  I watched it a couple times with and without sound and it was interesting how the film affected be differently in both viewings. 

Tails is a 3 minute film from 1976 by Paul Shartis.  This was just a film of various images on film strips.  It was cool to see because it gave me a sense of insight to a another way to watch a film.  Some of the images shown were cool too my favorite being the purple face. 

Wavelength for those who do not have the time is a 15 min film from 2003.  A big part that i feel distracted me from the film was the high pitched sound that encompassed the film.  But once again i watched it once fully with the sound and again in parts without and it was much more tolerable without.  I liked the setting and the colors used to change it.  


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